HYDRECO is among the companies which built up the hydraulic business in Italy.
Founded in 1969 as Oleodinamica Modenese, it grew along the years specializing later as hydraulic cylinders manufacturer, thus offering now an high quality product, from the designing to the final realization.

Thanks to the specific know-how built upon the experience in this sector, HYDRECO supplies tailored solutions for every need.

A further milestone achieved in 2015 is the entering of the Company in the Duplomatic Group, which granted a further growth even on the international markets.


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A clear choice: high quality

A clear choice: high quality

Being part of Duplomatic group, allows HYDRECO to improve its quality standards. The company is currently compliant with the following quality standards:

ISO 9001:2015 for production and designing
UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2006 for welding operations

HYDRECO can also perform:
• chemical, stress and resilience tests on materials
• non-destructive tests for welding (penetrating fluids, magnetoscopic, X-ray, ultrasound).

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Innovation, vision, future

Innovation, vision, future

The experience acquired during over 40 years of activity, is nowaday supported by the most advanced designing systems as 3D modelling with structural calculations. The partnership with the University of Modena allowed HYDRECO to develop specific programs for cylinders' structural calculations and breaking systems.

HYDRECO can design special cylinders according to the different application requirements:

• Cylinders with on board valve manifolds
• Internal transducers
• Special materials for high and low temperature
• Harsh and hazardous environments.